A bit about me

A digital leader across industries and functions.

Creative and technical with business acumen, I have a love of music, design, photography, coding, eCommerce and leading teams.

Technology and technical

Staying current with the latest technologies

I love keeping my coding skills sharp writing apps in Python and Flutter (which is awesome) and using the Firebase back end services for all sorts of AI purposes and general back office tasks – in real time and at scale.  I also spend a lot of time developing eCommerce solutions hooking up all touch-points in a customer engagement funnel.

Design and creativity

Photography, web and app design

A keen landscape photographer, I love the creativity I can apply to an increasingly technical process.  I’m a huge fan of Sony’s full-frame mirror-less  range – finally, camera manufacturers are catching up with the technology advances.  An Adobe advocate – I could’t live without Photoshop, Lightroom and XD and I’m getting in to Premiere Pro and After Effects.

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01. App development

I’ve a real passion for Flutter and Firebase.  Revolutionizing mobile app development and cloud based infrastructure you can hire and scale as needed and deploy across any device, OS or platform.

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02. Design

A contributor to the UI Movement and keen Medium.com subscriber – Staying on top of the latest trends and tastes and a sucker for Adobe tools and the Creative Cloud.

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03. Videography

A keen videography/vlogging student, I create and share on vimeo.com and learn from some awesome creators on youtube.com like Peter McKinnon, Matti HaapojaCasey Neistat, Sara Dietschy and Cody Blue

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04. Digital marketing

An active digital marketer in the pharmaceutical and eCommerce industries, I grew up in the age of the internet and have been hands on as technologies to build websites & apps and marketing technologies have matured.